3rd Workshop: The Pittsburgh Glass Center with Jason Forck and Juliet Pusateri


Our day at the Pittsburgh Glass Center began with a glass blowing demonstration led by Pittsburgh-based artist Jason Forck, assisted by Ashley McFarland.


Jason then taught students to create their very own cups. First they sketched the shapes they’d like their cups to be, then they selected some colors to add. Each student was able to keep the cup they made.


Jason worked with each individual student to ensure they got to experience all aspects of the glass blowing process. He also encouraged students to work as a team to create their cups.


VACOP artists took turns trying each part of the glass blowing and shaping process.



They really enjoyed the glass shaping process. None of the VACOP artists had worked in glass prior to their visit to the Pittsburgh Glass Center.



Juliet Pusateri, another teaching artist for the day, taught students how to design and create mosaics with glass.


The VACOP artists each contributed to a collaborative mosaic piece.




Ashley McFarland, an artist who works at Pittsburgh Glass Center, demonstrated how to create small pendants out of glass with the torch. The VACOP artists each contributed to a group-made pendant with Ashley.


She also gave all the VACOP artists a tour of Pittsburgh Glass Center’s facility, including their gallery exhibition space.


Over lunch, Jason and Juliet presented images of their own artwork, and discussed various processes and ideas they’ve each explored through their work.

It was a great day filled with new experiences in glass forming techniques for the VACOP artists. They were especially excited to make and keep their very own glass cups.


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